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Companion Candle

Companion Candle

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Anywhere with You is a Grapefruit & Vanilla scented candle. Sweetness of apple, luscious peach, ripe grapefruit, cherry blossom, and hydrangea beautifully balanced by vanilla; the ultimate fruit and floral blends.

You Got This! Get ready to conquer the day when citrus & tropical florals infuse your space with a burst of confidence. Imagine your furry friend's encouraging tail wags as you embark on your day, their boundless energy fueling your spirit. Feel the zesty citrus notes lift your mood like a sunny day, while the vibrant tropical florals add a splash of color to your adventure.

From Companion Candles
WE GIVE BACK, 1 CANDLE AT A TIME – Companion Candles is on a mission to make the world a little kinder, 1 candle at a time. For every clean, cruelty-free candle purchased, we donate a portion of the proceeds to help animals in need.

NON-TOXIC – Companion Candles are free of paraffins, phthalates, and preservatives. There are no additives or dyes. Our wooden wicks are eco-friendly, clean-burning wicks made from FSC-certified wood.

50+ HOURS BURN TIME - Our standard 11.8 oz jar burns for 50 hours and measures 3.75” in diameter and 3.5” in height. Vegan, cruelty-free, and reusable. Made in the USA and 100% women-owned and founded.

BURN YOUR CANDLES BEAUTIFULLY – Always trim wicks to 1/4 inch before lighting. For the first time you light your candle, let it burn for 3-4 hours to allow the melted wax to reach the edge of the container to prevent it from tunneling.

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