Real food for your pet

Research demonstrates that feeding a whole-foods diet made up of fresh, high-quality meats, vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats is more digestible than a diet made up of highly processed food with heat-pastuerized meats. 

That's why our meals are handmade in small batches using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and contain no empty fillers, preservatives, or additives other than vitamins and minerals.

Our full meals are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of each pet, ensuring they stay healthy and you feel confident giving them fresh, balanced food.

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Know the Ingredients

We take sourcing seriously. Many of the proteins and produce we use are picked up by our team from farms within 50 miles of our kitchen in Northwest Connecticut. We create all recipes by hand in small batches, overseeing every aspect of production personally. We do not use co-packers or distributors.

All recipes are free of antibiotics and added growth hormones. We never use meat meals, rendered ingredients, non-nutritional fillers, added sugar or salt, corn, wheat, soy, or empty carbohydrates. All food is made in an open-concept, restaurant-style kitchen equipped for preparing human-grade food.

We believe in transparency. We invite you into our kitchen or on a tour with us to the farms where we get our ingredients. Simply stop in the store or contact us to arrange a tour.

*For a list of foods considered toxic to dogs and cats, visit: ASPCA

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