Meet Paul + Lynn


  • Paul Gallant, he/him


    Anyone who knows Paul knows that when he puts his mind to something, there is no stopping him. Prior to starting Paul’s Custom Pet Food, Paul worked for 30 years with contractors, architects, and landscape designers as a materials procurement specialist for a masonry supply company.

    With Dr. Well’s guidance, Paul taught himself everything he could about holistic pet health and canine nutrition. He once told his buddy, “If you keep living, I’ll keep cooking.”

    For nearly ten years, Hunter kept his promise. And Paul kept his. Determined to help others have healthier pets, Paul opened Paul’s Custom Pet Food in 2014.

    Today, Paul works with pet parents, veterinarians, and nutritionists to prepare food for companion animals. He sources the highest-quality organic and/or locally sourced and restaurant-grade ingredients from farmers and small businesses. He supervises a team who makes all food by hand. Paul and Lynn sell food direct-to-consumer at farmers’ markets and deliver it personally as often as they are able, getting to know both pets and their caretakers by name.

    Paul’s Custom Pet Food is Paul Gallant’s passion and – as with all endeavors he embraces – the business is personal. Like the pact he made with Hunter, Paul will keep preparing food for customers’ pets as long as they need him.

  • Lynn Felici-Gallant, she/her


    As Paul’s wife and the late-Hunter’s companion, Lynn witnessed first hand Paul’s extraordinary dedication to Hunter’s well being and his desire to introduce whole, clean, healthful food to other pets. Naturally, she benefited from Paul’s passion through the extended years she had with Hunter.

    Lynn became a full-time co-owner of the company in 2015. As an attorney, she is able to navigate the enormously intricate and ever-changing world of pet food licensing rules and regulations, and she has fully immersed herself in the world of pet nutrition by working closely with veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists on all aspects of nutritional health.

    Also a professional gardener, marketing professional, and retail merchandiser, Lynn is the promotional and administrative force behind PCPF, furthering the company’s mission of providing real food to pets.

    And, as a home gardener, Lynn took special delight in watching Hunter eat right out of her vegetable beds, nibbling kale or munching on spinach. She proudly watches as their current love, Herbie, seems equally enamored by healthy food – often preferring a stem of celery or broccoli to a ball.

    Lynn applies all of her talents and training to help the two loves of her life in any other ways she is able. Even if that means endless hours tethered to the computer or phone.

Meet Our Advisors

  • Rebecca Remillard

    Ph.D., DVM, DACVM

    Founder and President of Veterinary Nutritional Consultations, Inc. (VNC), Dr. Remillard specializes in formulating appropriate dietary recommendations for dogs, cats, and horses with medical conditions, and has provided independent consulting to pet owners, veterinarians, and the pet industry since 1993. She is the author of over 40 papers and books about companion animal nutrition, including an editor of Small Animal Clinical Nutrition, 5th ed. Through VNC, Inc., she operates to advise pet food manufacturers. Dr. Remillard’s team formulated Hunter’s, Spud’s, Darla’s, Jessie’s, and Arlie’s complete and balanced food for adult dogs.

  • Sarah Abood

    Ph.D., DVM

    As a specialist in pet nutrition for VNC, Dr. Abood guides pet food manufacturers by formulating nutritionally complete and balanced pet recipes, integrating unique ingredients and product concepts, generating feeding instructions for products, and advising on labeling to meet AAFCO requirements. Dr. Abood is an instructor, researcher, and author of over 20 publications on animal nutrition. Her specialties include comparative nutrition, clinical nutrition for healthy and sick companion animals, and ethics and welfare in the veterinary profession. Dr. Abood works directly with us on the formulation of Hunter’s, Spud’s, Darla’s, Jessie’s, and Arlie’s.

  • James Pendergast

    Pet Food Formulator

    James Pendergast is an expert in the fresh pet food market, having worked over 13 years for one of the leading raw pet food companies in the U.S. as its Product Formulator & Veterinary Director. James brings with him unparalleled and professional raw and fresh pet food formulation experience, ingredient research, and proven results with his species-appropriate formulas. He is HACCP certified and is a Preventative Controls for Animal Foods Qualified Individual (PCQI). James formulated our Bootsie’s Blend Cat Food and an updated Casey’s Chicken with Rice recipe.

Meet the Team

  • Leah, she/her

    Operations Manager

    Meet Leah, our Operations Manager, who runs PCPF as smoothly as she does her three kids, five dogs, three cats, three rabbits, and 11 chickens. At home, she loves to care for her homestead of humans, furry, and feathered friends while tending to her flower and vegetable gardens. She also enjoys reading and soaking up the sun.

  • Brooke, she/her

    Production Manager

    Brooke is our Production Manager at PCPF, holding a Biology degree from Plymouth State University. She combines her knowledge of science with a passion for animal and environmental health. Outside of overseeing production, she enjoys soccer, nature, and spending time with her furry friend, Effie.

  • Grace, she/her

    Retail Associate

    Meet Grace, one of the Retail Associates at Paul’s Custom Pet Food. She is thankful to work with the PCPF team and to sell at local farmers' markets. When she’s not at work, she enjoys volunteering at the New Milford Animal Welfare Society, painting, and playing the violin. But most of all, sitting at home with her favorite cat, Duffy (pictured), with a hot cup of tea. 

  • Julian, he/him

    Treatmaker, Porter

    Meet Julian and his cat, Mazzie (pictured). When Julian isn't studying full-time at Eastern Connecticut State University, you can find him making treats, working at farmers' markets, and helping PCPF customers (and their humans!). He enjoys reading history novels, tending to his bonsai trees, and caring for his beloved Mazzie in his free time.

  • Shannon

    Retail Associate

    Shannon is a dog lover who brings her knowledge of pets to work at Paul’s Custom Pet Food. She is in her last year of high school and wants to explore fashion/modeling after she graduates. When she’s not working, you can find her hanging with friends, at the beach, spending time with family, or playing with her dog.

  • Meadow, she/her


    Meadow is a powerhouse in IT and bookkeeping, with 26 years of experience at the award-winning farm-to-table restaurant Blue Moon Evolution. Her expertise is now helping Paul's Custom Pet Food streamline its bookkeeping and finances as the company grows, and the team is grateful to have her on board.

  • Jane, she/her

    Sales + Delivery

    Meet Jane (center), our delivery person to all parts north of Boston, and Paul’s favorite (only) sister. She's a passionate photographer and an excellent cook who loves Mexican cuisine. Jane is always ready to deliver fresh food to dogs and cats in her free time. She's a proud wife and a mom to two grown children and a cat, Sniper.

  • Teymour

    Farmers' Market Associate

    Meet Teymour and his pal, Tintin. You can find Teymour selling Paul's Custom Pet Food during the summer at Westport Farmers' Market. When he's not assisting Paul and Lynn, Teymour and Tintin love spending time outdoors kayaking, camping, and attending live music performances.

  • Mimi, she/her

    Social Media Manager 

    Meet Mimi, a self-proclaimed dog aunt, she adores caring for her friends' Westies, who often make adorable appearances in our posts. She's the face behind our social media posts and has a passion for helping small businesses thrive in the digital landscape. Mimi founded Casa SMD to provide tailored social media solutions and support to entrepreneurs.