Hunter's Story

Our journey began in 2010 when Hunter’s groomer discovered a lump the size of a walnut below his jaw. We had it biopsied and learned it was malignant: Hunter had cancer.

Our traditional veterinarian recommended we see a veterinary oncologist right away. We met with a doctor and team of assistants who examined Hunter and walked us through the results of the biopsy. They informed us that his cancer was aggressive; left untreated, he had only 6 months to live. We were given the option of surgery, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. At the time, Hunter was just 3 years old.

After many tears, we decided not to take the recommended traditional route. We shared the news with friends and family, and one friend suggested we see Dr. Hannah Wells, founder and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine at Veterinary Wellness Center in Exeter, New Hampshire. We had an appointment with Dr. Wells the next day.

Dr. Wells studied Hunter’s history, biopsy results, and oncology report. She conducted a thorough examination of him, including analysis of his chi. She explained that as a young and energetic Golden Retriever, he ran hot and that the tumor and cancer were also hot. She indicated he would need cool or neutral foods and herbs to fight the cancer, and asked if we were willing to cook for him. “Of course we are,” Paul said.

Dr. Wells prescribed a mix of Chinese herbal medicines and a recipe for Hunter. She explained the differences between cool foods and hot foods, the importance of whole, chemical- and processed-free pet food, and the fundamental way that food interacts with each pet’s unique body.

After eating a whole-foods diet and beating all odds for over 10 years, Hunter passed away at home in our arms in June of 2019. He was almost 13 years old.

Today, we continue our commitment to making fresh, wholesome food for your pets, and for our own dog, Herbie, in Hunter’s name.

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