Sustainability Matters

Sustainability Matters

From the soil and pastures that support an abundant harvest, to thoughtful food preparation, sustainability matters to us. Mindful sourcing is a keystone in the foundation of Paul’s Custom Pet Food. To the extent we are able, we use ingredients in their entirety – from the stem to leaf and floret of broccoli, to our beef blend of ground muscle meat, heart, liver, and kidney – maximizing the nutrients, reducing food waste, and honoring the resources used to grow your pet’s food.

Whenever possible we use organic and/or ingredients grown within 50 miles of our commercial kitchen. You can often find us picking up the ingredients for your favorite pet food recipe at a local farm. The relationships we’ve built with these farms* and merchants afford us the opportunity to “handpick” the freshest, most humanely raised, and sustainably grown ingredients possible – making each pet food container we fill personal.

Building relationships with other local, small businesses whose values align with our own fosters cooperation over competition, and helps connect us and our customers with our community in a meaningful way.

We are proud of our commitment to sustainability and our membership in Sustainne, an online directory of Connecticut businesses who share in this commitment. We invite you to look to Sustainne as a resource for your next purchase, especially at the holidays.

*PCPF currently sources ingredients from the following local farms (those with a ** are also a member of Sustainne):

Fort Hill Farm, 18 Fort Hill Road, New Milford, CT

Riverbank Farm, 33 River Road, Roxbury, CT

Ox Hollow Farm at Good Hill Farm, 478 Good Hill Road, Woodbury, CT

**Sport Hill Farm, 596 Sport Hill Road, Easton, CT

Sunny Meadow Farm, 66 Northrup Street, Bridgewater, CT

Toplands Farm, 102 Painter Hill Road, Roxbury, CT

Woodland Farms, 615 Woodland Street, South Glastonbury, CT

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